The outer appearance of Lichtspeicher

Lichtspeicher is a portable device to scan, store and compile light situations and ultimately play them back on its skin.
It is inspired by the work process of impressionist painters, where they would choose a situation, observe it, understand its light and then commence the painting. While painting, the artist could choose whether to depict a real light situation or to compile a new one from the gathered knowledge of his observations.
Analogous, Lichtspeicher scans the current light situation in 360° – taking a single snapshot in time – and recreates it onto its skin. Thus the ambience of the light situation is seemingly reflected from the inside out.
When a scanned light situation is being replayed, what appears like low resolution video is
displayed on Lichtspeicher‘s skin. It does not intend to be a pixel by pixel representation of the environment.

This is the plan for Lichtspeicher. It is still in the making.

Update (19.12.2013)

Finally, the LED-control is working.

The project in pictures